The Drone Tracks

Make Drones Safe, Eliminate Distance Limitation, and Keep Them Organized



Drones are supported on Tracks which are designed so that they cannot accidentally disengaged from the rail in case of drone failure or external forces such as wind and earthquakes.


Tracks provides continuous power to the drone. Communication with Drones provide automatic flight over long distance. Since the rail gives support to the drone, most of the energy consumed by a drone to keep it aloft is saved


Tracks provides communication between drones provide for organized traffic flow of multiple drones.In addition, being confined to the rail there is no haphazard traffic flow of drones flying every which way.


Rail Design

The tracks is designed so that the drone is attached to it in such a way that it cannot accidentally disengage. The tracks has dual two rails to provide a mean of getting electricity to the drone. The track is designed to have intersections which can provide turns without disengaging or needing movement of the track. The tracks consist of two sets of rail one on the top and other on the bottom. The bottom one provides for drone delivery and the top one for security drones

Drone Design

Drones will be designed specifically for using the tracks. A "hook" attached to the drone must be lifted and realligned in order to engage or disengaged so that there is no chance of disengaging accidentally. Drones are designed so they have electrical contact with the rail so that power can be provided for the drive, control, refrigeration,communications, battery recharge, and any other items requiring power. Drones are driven by the propeller as well as motors built into the wheels.


Order Delivery

Imagine a world where orders are delivered on demand with active tracking and scheduling to within a minute. Presently delivery system require human intervention by vehicle,as such many orders are consolidated and delivered at the same time to a specific geographic area for cost consideration. This results in restricting the scheduling of delivery. With the drone delivery, the cost and traffic issue is resolved, allowing for individual order deliver with real-time tracking and to the minute scheduling of order delivery.

Police Patrol/Security

The overhead perspective afforded a drone provides a more effective and less costly support to local police patrol. The ability to transmit live images allows police to have knowledge of the situation which provides a much safer environment for the them. At the crime scene it can "see" safely what officers cannot. Knowledge of the situation allows the control centers to make decisions as to the resources to send to the scene. Drones can also follow criminals without the need for high speed chase.

Medical Delivery

Medicines and organs for transplant can be delivered much more effectively. Medical emergencies is one of the most time sensitive situation. Drones can address this.The electricity from the rail can power refrigeration units for organ delivery.

Criminal Prosecution

Evidence gathered from videos and images captured by the drone can greatly improve the chance of prosecution. Review of such evidence can also aid in investigation of active cases such as kidnapping.

Homeland Security

There is already documented evidence of terrorist using drones in their attacks. What better defense against drone than another drone. Side tracks along the railways allows the storage of multiple drones standing ready and fully charged for its mission. Drones allow for monitoring of terrorist activity remotely while providing safety for law enforcement staff. Drones operating outside the track can be tracked for suspicious activity.

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